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A. General

Amrap 5 minutes

20 second machine

5 med ball squat cleans

5 Medball front squats

5 plank into downward dog

B. Mobility/Activation

Calf pedals

2 x 30 seconds

2x 6 Hip Hikes

C. Specific Prep

2 sets

30 seconds banded march

30 seconds mountain climbers


Metcon (Calories)

5 rounds

15 UB Wall balls

1 min Max Cal Machine

2 mins recovery air squats
TC: 20 min

Score: Cals on machine

Scaling Options

All options as written


Accessory (Checkmark)

5 sets

4/4 Iso Dynamic bent over DB row

6/6 Iso dynamic DB pullover

8/8 RDL with DBs



Extra Accessory

Core (Checkmark)

Accumulate 100 V-ups

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