Do I need to get fit to try CrossFit?

At CrossFit Metric we welcome all levels of fitness. Even if you haven’t done any exercise in a while and feel “out of shape”, our experienced and caring coaches are there to help adapt the workout to your level of fitness.

I've never tried CrossFit. How should I get started?


JUMP RIGHT IN!: If you enjoy working out with a group, come join any of our CrossFit classes.  Our experienced friendly coaches are there to guide you.  We will tailor every workout so that you learn the ABC’s of functional movement while getting fitter with each class you attend.  We currently have a NEW members promotion: UNLIMITED CLASSES – $200 (FIRST MONTH)

SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION:  If you want to learn more and find out if Metric is the right place for you, we offer a free fitness assessment and tour of our training facility.   We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and helping you design a plan to achieve your fitness goals!  BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION 

PERSONAL TRAINING:  Take advantage of the benefits a personalized approach offers:

  1. A program tailored to your specific goals (informed by a comprehensive fitness assessment).
  2. Nutritional Advice
  3. Body composition tracking
  4. An accelerated learning curve of CrossFit’s technical movements
  5. The motivation and accountability that only a personal coach can provide

…..book a consultation and LEARN MORE

What makes Metric better?

Simply put COACHING and COMMUNITY. The Metric coaching staff is comprised of experienced fitness professionals who care about helping you grow into a better version of yourself. Our community consists of 200+ members who support and encourage each other on their fitness journey.  The facility and it’s location are also great! We are at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton just 7 minutes walk from the midtown hub of Yonge and Eglinton.   We have designated member parking, 4 showers, towel service, and an expansive well maintained facility with all the CrossFit toys. Come check us out and you’ll see why we are the best CrossFit in Toronto!

Do you have showers and lockers?

Metric has change rooms with lockers and showers and provides a complimentary towel service.

What should I bring to my workout?

Please dress ready to move and bring a water bottle. We provide clean filtered drinking water. In winter bring a pair of athletic shoes that you can change into for indoor use.

How can I learn more about your ONE on ONE COACHING?

Contact us to book your FREE CONSULTATION Personal Training

Do you offer OPEN GYM?

Yes we do!  OPEN GYM is a great way to add supplementary training to our group classes or just do your own programming.   OPEN GYM is included in our UNLIMITED memberships.

We also offer an exclusive OPEN GYM ONLY membership.  Please note that training times are limited to OPEN GYM hours.  Please refer to our schedule to find out more:  SCHEDULE