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A. General

Amrap 6 minutes

1 minute skipping

12 In and out squats

10 Alternating single leg single arm V-ups

20 low box runners

Static A skips:

B. Specific Progressions

TTB progression

(go through the entire progression)

-10 pike ups*

-3-5 beat swings

-3-5 Beat swing + knee raise

-3-5 beat swing + toes to eyes

-3-5 TTB

Pistol Progression

*Have athletes choose two movements, one moderate skill and one challenging skill completing 2-3 sets alternating between each movement.

3-5 Close stance Air squat

3-5/side High box step ups

3-5/side Touchdown squats

3-5/side Elevated pistol

3-5/side Heel raised pistol

3-5/side pistols or weighted pistols*

*Weighted pistols, as a counter weight, may be easier for athletes with balance issues.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 22 minutes

10 Pistols

20 TTB

40 Cross over singles
TC: 22 minutes

Score: Rounds & Reps

Scaling Options


10 Lunges

15 Hanging knee raises

30 Single-unders

Intermediate L1

10 Heel elevated/box assisted pistols

20 Swinging Leg raises

30 crossover singles

Intermediate L2

6 Pistols

12 TTB

30 Cross over singles


10 Pistols

20 TTB

40 Cross over double-unders

Team WOD (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

4 sets of 5 minute amraps

Rest 1 minute between amraps

8/8 Team pistols

12 Synchro TTB

200m partner run
Pick up where you left off.


Extra Accessory

Accessory (Checkmark)

3 sets

8/8 Unweighted bulgarian split squats @2sec pause in the bottom

12/12 Poliquin step ups

20/20 second copenhagen plank

25/25′ Banded monster walk

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