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A. General

2 Rounds

200m Jog

10 Prone PVC shoulder dislocates

20 sec Ring Support Hold

20 sec Hollow Hold

15 Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

5 Push Up to Down Dog

C. Specific Prep

3-5 Ring beat swings*

3-5 Transition mu**


Technique Thursday (Checkmark)

Strict Ring muscle ups


False Grip:

– False grip ring rows


– Strict ring muscle up pull downs

– Ring row muscle up


– Band assisted string RMU

– Negative RMU, band assisted or self spotted / – Ring row muscle up negative


0:00-10:00 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Run 1 mile (1.6km)


Max rounds of “Strict Nate”

2 Strict RMU

4 Strict HSPU

8 KBS 32/24kg

rest 2 minutes

12:00-18:00 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Run 800m

Max Round of “Strict Cindy”

5 Strict pull ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air squats
TC: 18 minutes

Score: Rounds and reps for each time windows

Scaling Options


Jog 400-800m

2 strict band assisted pull ups

4 DB strict press

8 Russian KBS


Jog 200-400m

5 Ring Rows

5 Hand elevated / Band assisted push ups

10 air squats


Run 1000m

2 Band assisted Strict RMU

4 Pike HSPU

8 KBS @ 24/16kg


Run 800m

“Strict Cindy”

5 Band assisted Strict pull ups

7 push ups

15 air squats

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