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A. General

3 rounds

Run 200m / Row 200m

10 goblet squat

10 stiff leg burpees

B. Mobility

PNF lat stretch with bands

5 x

7 seconds pushing with your elbows against the box

7 seconds stretching, moving your upper body toward the ground

C. Specific

4 DB Step up over

10 Double under

4 DB Thrusters

10 Double under

4 DB hang Clean and Jerk

10 Double under

4 Devil press


Dionysius (Team Version) (Time)

With a Partner Divide As You wish

For time

100 DB Step up over

200 Double under

90 DB Thrusters

200 Double under

80 DB hang Clean and Jerk

200 Double under

70 Devil press

TC: 30 minutes

Score: Time

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