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A. General

30sec Easy Row or Bike

30sec Air Squats

30sec Moderate Row or Bike

30sec Deficit calf raises (Double leg)

30 sec Hard Row or Bike

B. Activation

3 sets @ascending

10-7-5 Strict press @light, mod, mod-heavy

12 I-Y-T


Push Press


Metcon (Time)

With a partner

5 rounds for time

200m Run •together

24 Hang Power Clean 95/65 lbs

24 Box jump overs 24/20″
TC: 20 minutes

Score: time

KG: 100/70

Scaling Options


100m run / 150m Row

16 Hang power Clean @ 45/35lbs

20 Step ups @ 20/16″


200m run / 250m Row

24 Hang power clean @ 75/55lbs

24 Box jump overs @ 24/20″


5 sets

100′ Between the leg sled drag @ heavy

50′ Silver back swings

50′ Consecutive broad jumps

Rest 60 seconds

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