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A. General

2 rounds

5/5 Greatest Stretch

30/30 sec Side Plank

10 Hamstring Bridge

30 sec High Knee Run

30 sec Butt Kicks

10 Scapula Pull Ups

10 Hanging strict knee raises

5 Tempo Push Ups

B. Mobility

Wall slides

10 repetition slow and controlled

C. Specific (Metcon)

2-3 x 4/4 Pistol drill


Beginner: Single leg Squat to a box

Intermediate: Banded pistols, Heel raised pistol

Advanced: Box elevated pistol (higher ROM)


Gymnastics (AMRAP – Reps)

3 rounds

3/3 Rope Rows with feet on bench

1-3 Rope Climb

*3/3 = 3 with Left hand on top, 3 with right hand on top
TC: 10 minutes

Score: Reps of Rope Climb

Scaling Options


3 x 2-3 Lying rope pulls to standing


3/3 Rope Rows

1 Rope Climb or Half rope climb


As written


Metcon (Time)

10 rounds for time

10 Pistols

10 Burpees

RX+ Weighted pistols @ 16/12KG KB
TC: 15 minutes

KG: 43/30

Score: Time

Scaling Options


7 rounds

10 Pistol onto box


6-10 Assisted pistols

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