CrossFit – Wed, Feb 15


For those who signed up to participate in the Open, you should have received an email from your Team captain. If you signed up and did not receive a message please let one of the coaches know!!

Open shirts are in!! If you ordered a shirt, please let one of the coach’s know and they will grab it for you!

CrossFit Metric – CrossFit

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A. General

2 sets

30 Jumping Jacks

10 Bent Over Row

20 Shoulder Taps

10 Reverse Snow Angels

20 sec Glute Bridges Hold + 6 Single Leg Glute Bridges each side

B. Snatch Drills

3 Power snatch balance

(Look for the feet to receive the bar in coordination with the hands)

3 High hang power snatch (pockets)

(Chest should be over the bar, not behind)

3 Low hang power snatch (below knee)

(Hamstrings should be loaded fully in the bottom of the low hang)

3 Tempo Power snatch

(Talk athletes through the tempo, they should be able to feel the timing tempo through your vocal cues)


A: Power Snatch (3 rounds
3 @ 70%
2 @ 75%
1 @ 80%

Rest 1:1

TC: 9 min

Score: Weight

Scaling Options



5 Power Snatch

Intermediate & Perform

As Written


B: Metcon (Time)

5 sets

6 Devils press 2×50/35 lbs

12 T2B

Rest 1 min
TC: 15 min

Score: Fastest Interval Time

Scaling Options


6 Devils press @2×25/15 lbs

12 Hanging Knee Raises


6 Devils press @2×50/35 lbs

12 Toes to eye level

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