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For those who signed up to participate in the Open, you should have received an email from your Team captain. If you signed up and did not receive a message please let one of the coaches know!!

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A. General

3 rounds

8/6 Cal Machine

10 No hook, no contact, muscle clean

5 Plyo box jump progression*

*HIgher each round

B. Power Ramp up

3 sets @ ascending*

3 Halting clean deadlifts

3 Low hang clean pulls

3 TNG power cleans

5 Box jumps

*Last set should be heavier and taller (box jumps) then the working set.

C. Conditioning Ramp up

On machine of choice:

10 Cals @ RPE 4

8 Cals @ RPE 6

2 x 6 Cals @ RPE 8

2 x 4 Cals @ RPE 10


A: Power (Time)

4 rounds

10 Hang Power Clean 135/95lbs

10 Box Jumps 30/24″
KG: 60/45

TC: 12 min

Score: Time

Scaling Options


10 Hang Power Clean 75/55

10 Box Jumps 20/plate”


10 Hang Power Clean 95/65

10 Box Jumps 24/20″




B: Conditioning (Time)

Machine of Choice

6 x 10 Cals @RPE 10

Rest 2 mins between efforts

Machine Alt: Run 10 x 50m
TC: 20 min

Score: Fastest Interval

Scaling Options


6 x 8/6 Cals @RPE 10


As Written



Extra Accessory

Accessory (Checkmark)

3 rounds for quality

8 Weighted Strict Pull-ups

100′ Bodyweight walking Lunges

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