Olympic Weightlifting – Sun, Feb 5

CrossFit Metric – Olympic Weightlifting


Barbell Warm Up Snatch

Hip Circles

Hip 90/90

Thoracic Rotation

The goal over the next few weeks is to work on the pull of both our main lifts. We will be focusing on the full snatch or full clean, unless our regular programming that week has a lot of full “squat” snatch/clean.

Lets take this as an opportunity to work not just on strength but also chase a little bit of a better position!

Snatch Complex

Snatch from Power + Snatch from Power w/ Pause


Every 90s

3 x 1+1 @60-65%

Snatch Doubles


5 x 2 @ 80-85%

no touch and go

Snatch Pull

(add 20ibs from last lift)


3 x 4

Clean Pull + Hang Clean E2MOM: 10

Perform light warm up for clean (3 min max)


Muscle Clean from Hang x 3

Front Squat x 3

Strict Press x 3

add first weight

Clean Pull from mid shin x 3 + Hang Clean x 3

add second warm up weight

Clean Pull x 1 + Hang Clean x 1 Front squat x 1 Clean x 1

Clean Pull + Hang Clean



reset bar on every rep

(no touch and go)

Strict Press EMOM 6

every minute on the minute

4 Strict Press

caveat: Must clean from the floor

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