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A. General

2 rounds

30 Jumping Jacks

30sec Quadruped calf pedals

5 KB Deadlifts + 5 Russian KB swings


A2: Team Version (No Measure)

In Teams of 3

18 Rounds

15 Burpees

DB/KB Tall Kneeling Goblet Hold 24/16 KG or 50/35lbs

20 Pull Ups
Team Flow

Rd 1. P1 Burpees, P2 Hold, P3 Pull-ups

Rd 2 P3 Burpees, P1 Hold, P2 Pull-ups

Rd 3 P2 Burpees, P3 Hold, P1 Pull-ups

The Burpee always goes to the Hold

The Pull Up always goes to burpee

The Hold always goes to Pull Ups

Switch stations when Burpee and Pull-ups are done, Hold until both partners are done.

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