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WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

20 Monster Walks

10 Plate Ground to Overhead

10 Lying PVC Behind the Neck Press

12 Dead Bugs

3 Pull Ups or 6 Ring Rows

A: Metcon (Weight)


1 Top Down Low Hang Squat Snatch

1 OH Squat
Top Down Low Hang Squat Snatch = Controlled eccentric: Start with bar at hip pocket and lower it down to 1″ above the ground, then complete squat snatch. Bar should not touch the ground. Set a great position at the top of the hang and maintain it into the low hang.

B: Metcon (Time)

Against a running clock, complete:

00-05:00 min.

2 rounds of:

11 Squat Snatch, 95/65

11 Bar Facing Burpees

11 Pull Ups

05-10:00 min.

2 rounds of:

9 Squat Snatch, 115/75

9 Bar Facing Burpees

9 CTB Pull Ups

10-15:00 min

2 rounds of:

7 Squat Snatch, 135/95

7 Bar Facing Burpees

7 Bar/Ring Muscle Ups


Part 1: 55/35, Ring Rows

Part 2: 65/45, Pull Ups

Part 3: 75/65 CTB Pull Ups
* if you haven’t made the cut off for each section, your score is the cut off time plus the number of reps remaining to complete the part that you are currently in.

– if you don’t make the cut off point, rest 2 minutes and complete section C:

1000m max effort row.

– if you complete all 3 sections, rest 2 minutes and then complete section C

C: 1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row

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