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E3MOM for 12 minutes (4 sets):

A1: Alt. Front Rack Lunge, 8-12, 20X0

A2: Snatch Grip Push Press, 6-8, 10X1 (behind neck)


EMOM, complete 2 rounds

M1: Assault Bike, 45 seconds, max cal

M2: Ski Erg, 45 seconds, max cal

M3: Sled Push, 45 seconds, max distance

M4: Double Under’s, 45 seconds, max reps

M5: Burpees, 45 seconds max reps

rest 2 minutes

These should be hard efforts since you only have 2 rounds.

Coaches Notes:

– Conga line the class through each station

– 2 athletes per station

– Set up sleds with moderate weight that all athletes can move on 50 ft lengths

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