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EMOM 10:

Ring Muscle Ups

Level 1:

M1: False Grip Ring, 6-8, 3011

M2: Eccentric or Feet Assisted Ring Dips, 6-8, 31X1

Level 2:

M1: Ring Kip Swings, 6-8

M2: Banded or Low Ring Jumping Turn Overs, 3-5

Level 3:

Ring Muscle Ups, 4-8,

*Partner up on Rings with an athlete at the same level as you

Metcon (Time)

For time:

20-15-10-5, Burpees

80-60-40-20, D.U.’s

20-15-10-5, AKB Swings
Rx: 24kg/16kg

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