1. Games Viewing Party BBQ is this Saturday August 4th at noon!! Sign up at front desk to reserve food.
2. Holiday Monday Schedule: This Monday August 6th we are open for two morning classes: 8:30AM Fitness/Performance and 9:30AM Fitness/Performance. All other classes cancelled.

CrossFit Metric – Fitness

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E2MOM 32 (2 rounds)

In Pairs, Alternate Reps/Lengths:

Station 1: Heavy Farmer Carry

Station 2: Sled Drag

Station 3: Bear Crawl

Station 4: 60 second Sand Bag Box Step Overs

Station 5: KB Side Bends, 12 E/S

Station 6: 12 – 15 Windmill Push Ups

Station 7: 45 second ABike Sprint

Station 8: rest

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