Heavy and Technical CNJ!

CrossFit Metric – Olympic Lifting

The WoD:

Begin with the barbell for 2 sets of 5.
Afterwards, load bar at 40-50% of 1RM and do 2 sets of 3.

From there and onwards, add 5-10lbs progressively each set and build up to a heavy single for the day. As you are building up, focus on perfecting your technique progressively each set. The weight should be fairly challenging but not at the cost of breaking down technique. Once you’ve met that weight, you will use that weight and add 15lbs for clean pulls.

In the lighter sets, this is the best time to drill in the cues that you know will work for you. Narrow it down to 1-2 cues once you’re in the heavier range.

Clean Pull 4×4
– weight clean and jerked +15lbs

Back Squat
– find 5RM

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