Munis Topcuoglu

Personal Trainer


Munis derives great satisfaction from helping people improve their relationships with their bodies.  With this in mind, he tailors his program design and coaching according to his clients’ needs, addressing any combination of the following areas:

● fat loss

● strength gain

● specific movement goals

● improving mobility, coordination, and motor control


Munis always prioritizes good technique and the importance of movement quality–he teaches his clients to move in the most effective ways without sacrificing safety or the long-term durability of their bodies.  In a similar vein, he also encourages healthy eating and is happy to give nutritional advice to clients who request it.


Munis has a long history of interest in diverse forms of movement: in addition to consistent strength training for the past 12 years, he has practiced yoga, trained in classical Japanese martial arts and parkour. 


Currently Munis trains over 20 hours a week following demanding programming  with his movement coach Ido Portal. 



● CrossFit Level 1

● Certified FRC Mobility Specialist

● Poliquin Personal Trainer Level 1

● Poliquin “Fundamentals of Periodization and Program Design” certificate

  Ido Portal online coaching student since February 2016

● Bujinkan ninjutsu 6th kyu

● Hatha Yoga teacher training (200-hour program)


Education, academic:

● B.ASc. Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

● M.A. Communication, Johns Hopkins University

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