Isaac Baik

Olympic Lifting Head Coach

Isaac started olympic weightlifting during his freshman year at the University of Toronto when he was approached by one of the weightlifting coaches at the school. He’s been hooked on the sport ever since. In the last 3 years Isaac has competed in numerous competitions including the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Ontario Senior Championships. He is currently ranked #1 in Ontario in the 77kg weight class and is planning to compete at the National level.

“I have a foundation in Chinese style weightlifting but also incorporate knowledge that I have attained through my own experience as a competitive weightlifter into my coaching. I have a passion for teaching and hope to help others accomplish their goals in this sport. As a coach, I believe that the teaching process occurs in both directions between the student and the teacher. Through my experience I have come to understand that there is just as much to learn from the athletes as the athletes have to learn from me. This continuous process of teaching and learning is allowing me to improve as a coach and contribute more to the experience of my students.”

snatch: 130kg/286lbs
Clean and Jerk: 151kg/335lbs

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