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– Late cancellation now is 10 HOURS prior to class for 5:30/6:30/7:30 am and 3 HOURS for all other classes, if you cancel after the 10 or 3 hour period you will be charged a $7,00 fee.
– Reservation open 72 hours prior to class

CrossFit Metric – CrossFit

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A: Metcon (Weight)

E1.5MOM for 9 minutes (6 sets):

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Squat Snatch

1 OH Squat
– start at 50% of max power snatch, build to 75%

– record heaviest lift

B: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

E5MOM for 20 minutes (4 rounds)

6 Power Snatch (TnG)

12 OH Squats

21/17 Cal row

12 OH Squats

6 Power Snatch (TnG)

Performance: 95/65

Fitness: 65/45
Scale distance of Row and Load on barbell so that working time does not exceed 3 minutes per round.

OH Squat sets should be unbroken

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