Fitness/Performance – Saturday, January 25

CrossFit Metric – Fitness

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Metcon (Time)

40 minutes to complete any four of these workouts.

Workout A: 25+15+10 for time

Burpee + Row

Workout B: 25+15+10 for time

DB Front Squats + Ski Erg

35/25 or 25/15

Workout C: Grace – 30 Clean & Jerk for time

135/95 or 95/65

Workout D: Isabelle – 30 Power Snatch for time

135/95 or 95/65

Workout E: Toes-to-Bar + DB Box Step Overs for time

35/25 or 25/15

Knees-to-Elbows or Hanging Knee Raises

Workout F: Bike Erg x 100-cals for time

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