Fitness/Performance – Tuesday, Dec.31


As of January 2nd, morning Fitness classes will now be at 5:30 AM & 6:30 AM instead of 6:00 AM & 7:00 AM.

CrossFit Metric – Fitness

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Metcon (Time)

45-minutes to complete 5-workouts (45-minute running clock)

If a large class – Coach to break up members into five groups and rotate workouts – members must attempt to complete all 5-workouts within 45-minutes. Members can rest as needed between workouts. Members record times for each of the 5-individual workouts along with overall time (to complete all 5-workouts)

Metcon (Time)

Solo Workout A – 25+15+10 of:


DB Devil Press at 35/25 + Pull Ups

Rx+ use 50/35


DB Devil Press at 25/15 + Ring Rows

Metcon (Time)

Solo Workout B – 25+15+10 of :

AKBS at G/Y or Y/B + Box Jump Step Down at 24″/18″

Rx+ use Red and 30″/24″

Metcon (Time)

Solo Workout C – 25+15+10 of:

Burpee + Bike Erg (or AB)

Metcon (Time)

Solo Workout D – 25+15+10 of:

Double DB Front Squats at 35/25 or 25/15 + Ski Erg

Rx+ use 50/35

Metcon (Time)

Solo Workout E – 25+15+10 of:

DB Push Press at 35/25 or 25/15 + Calorie Row

Rx+ use 50/35

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