Fitness-Performance – Saturday

CrossFit Metric – Fitness

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Workout A (Time)

For time – 25+15+10 of (10-min cap)

DB Thrusters


Men – 35#

Women – 25#

Metcon (Time)

Workout B -Partner Workout

25-minutes to complete:

DB Hang to Overhead x 50 @ 35/25#

DB Front Loaded Lunges x 100-steps @ 35/25#

DB Renegade Row x 50-pair @ 35/25#

DB Step Ups x 100-steps @35/25#

DB Front Squats x 50 @35/25#

Toes-to-Bar x 50

V=Ups x 50

450-total potential reps

Partners break up reps any way they want

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